Webinar: Intent-Based Networking Systems

Networking should be this Easy

Join Apstra Solutions Architect Josh Saul on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 11:00 am PST as he demonstrates how the Apstra Operating System (AOS) decouples your network-service design intent and operations from error-prone and time-consuming vendor-specific, box-level workflows, including:

– Declare service intent in natural language
– Render configurations automatically
– Deploy auto-validated configurations
– Swap out Vendor A switches with Vendor B switches in minutes
– Receive instant alerts on mis-cabling, bad transceivers, and configuration drifts
– Operate with continuous validations of the network state

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an in-depth look at the future of networking.


Gartner calls intent-based networking systems possibly “the next big thing in networking”. But what exactly are “intent-based networking systems” and how will they affect you?

Intent-Based Networking Systems