Moderation Is the Key to Life

Health, well-being, and success rest on one principle: In all things moderation.

If you’re bored with your job and feeling dull and sluggish, motivation is hard to muster. At the other extreme, if you’re overwhelmed by tasks or suffering an emotional crisis, your brain is flooded with stress hormones. Your ability to plan and learn is impaired, and over time your immune and nervous systems are compromised. But when you’re actively engaged in a project—a little nervous, a little excited—you’ve reached a happy medium. Optimal levels of adrenaline and cortisol boost your concentration and performance; these hormones protect your body, in direct opposition to an excess of those substances hurting it. When you’re optimally aroused, you’re in flow, you’re on top of the upside-down “U,” and everything is juuust right.

We’ve evolved to see things in black and white, rather than shades of gray. If you have to make life-or-death decisions about others in a split second, blunt categories are useful; even in low-stakes situations, putting people in buckets can be efficient…



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