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Questions For The Doctor Part 1 – With Dr. Hillel Z. Harris – Primary Care

Are there more similarities or differences between emergency medicine and the office practice? What is the biggest difference between ER and primary care? Can you practice preventative medicine in the emergency department?



Questions For The Doctor Part 2 – With Dr. Hillel Z. Harris – Sports Medicine

What type of sports medicine do you practice? Do you also treat injuries, as you are an ER doctor? What other tests for fitness do you do? What else do you offer for athletes or those with pain or chronic injuries?



Partnering for Health

In order to ward off illness and maximize our health, we need to get enough physical activity, rest, and proper nutrition. As a physician, I aim to empower my patients to make wise decisions regarding ways they can improve their health. I teach my patients what they can do to decrease their chances of developing obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, cancer, arthritis, and on and on.

Primary Care Doctor in Delray Beach, Florida


About the Practice

Dr. Hillel Harris treats patients in his office at Primary MD Care, located in Delray Beach, Florida. He provides thoughtful and intuitive primary healthcare in a comfortable, community setting. He aims to treat each patient with compassion and integrity. He utilizes the latest approaches to treating illness and managing chronic disease. He promotes an integrative approach towards wellness, using a combination of lifestyle modification and medications.