Global Business Consulting – Get the Market Entry Toolkit by Partners International

Partners International has spent decades marketing products and services in over 72 countries. We show firms how to sell and make profits all over the globe.

After 30 years of helping companies find and develop markets overseas, we have amassed our knowledge to create the Market Access Toolkit. This toolkit makes it easy for any business person to understand, and prosper in, foreign markets.

Learn how to pick a market, how to pick a way in (mode of entry) and how to prosper.

How do you choose a foreign market correctly?
How do you get your company into a foreign market?
How do you effectively sell overseas?

You will receive a personal one-on-one telephone consultation to discuss your specific business, and how it can prosper overseas. If you wish, you can fill a conference room with people to listen! This is over a $200 value, and we include this valuable consulting free with your order

Global Business Consulting – Get the Market Entry Toolkit by Partners International


Global Business Consulting

Marketing Video – What’s In YOUR Toolkit?



We have many firms engaging in international business that say they are in the shoe business, the oil business, the call center business, the dress business.My contention is that they are also in show business.

Take the case of a dress designer selling dresses in overseas markets. That’s an easy leap to see that the firm is in show business. After all, dresses are demonstrated in fashion shows, trunk shows and the like.

But what about a luggage company selling its luggage in Asia? They are also in show business. This involves much more than demonstrating luggage, it involves selling the Americanism or the Western-ism of your product. There is a certain prestige for firms to be involved with overseas partners and the same holds true for Asian firms…