Full Network Lifecycle Automation: So Easy Even a CIO Could Use It!

I’ve been around networking since the early 1990’s. My first router was a Cisco AGS running IOS 8.2(3) and had interface cables (appliques?) that sliced the back of your hands when installing them. I would use mainframe telnet emulation software to get to the CLI prompt and type away using show and config commands.

Fast forward 25 years… my hands have healed and telnet morphed to ssh but it’s still all the same process. This, despite the fact that “compute” (whatever happened to calling them “servers”?) was automated over a decade ago and switches effectively became servers with a bunch of ports. But compute automation tools — think Ansible, Puppet, and Salt — were not built for this type of work because networks are distributed systems intertwined in ways that servers will never be. And these tools were meant to handle provisioning..