The Future of 3D Printing – Nanobots, Better Water Filtration and Space Colonization

3D printed batteries? What are nano particles? Better water filters with 3d printing, is it possible? Can we colonize the moon using 3d printed parts? What an amazing 3d printing future we have!

3D Printing Future

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3D Printing Ted Talk – Using AI and 3D Printing Together

What do artificial intelligence and prostheses have in common? The software uses artificial intelligence algorithm to customize 3D printable prostheses and orthoses to fit the individual wearers’ needs…

Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing


Bioprinting and 3D Printing – Cellular Structure Being 3D Printing In Switzerland

One of the first practical applications of this method is reconstructive surgery. Damaged body parts, like a nose or an ear, can be rebuilt in a computer 3D model. Cartilage cells are thenremoved through a biopsy…

3D Printing Body Parts

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Will We Really Be Able To 3D Print Our Own Pills and 3D Printed Designer Drugs?

Researchers at the UCL School of Pharmacy of University College London, along with folks at FabRx Ltd, have been toying with weird, 3D-printed pill shapes…

3D Printed Drugs