RAW Tennis Performance

Tennis Performance Training Program – We concentrate on stability, flexibility, explosiveness and proper movement patterns.

The RAW Tennis Performance Training Program focuses on training “movement, not muscles.” We spend time in the gym getting our players stronger but our focus is on functional movements, especially those specific to tennis.

*”This is exactly the type of training I have been looking for.” – Alex Bogomolov, Jr., 2011 ATP Most Improved Player

Rising Tennis Star Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff Featured in Whistle Sports’ ‘No Days Off’ Docuseries

While many of her 14-year-old peers are navigating their freshman year of high school or playing “Fortnite” or finally launching an Instagram account, Cori “Coco” Gauff is traveling the globe and making a name for herself on the tennis scene.

Rising tennis star Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff featured in Whistle Sports’ ‘No Days Off’ docuseries

Team Consulting:

Richard consults with college teams to improve their footwork and tennis-specific movement. By working in conjunction with the school’s Strength & Conditioning coach, Richard will implement elements of the RTP Program throughout the year to help the team peak for their biggest matches, conference tournament, and the NCAA tournament. Team practices, small group sessions and individual training sessions are included to give your team the best opportunity to move better, faster and more efficiently on the court…

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Training Tennis Players – Effective Lateral Movement

The ability to move well laterally in tennis is imperative for an elite player. Most shots are followed by a lateral recovery back into an optimal court position. Movement to the ball starts from a lateral position with a split-step and the opening of the hips in the direction of the next shot. Hip strength and the ability to fire the glutes are essential for effective lateral movement…

Hip Exercises – Tennis Training Program